Marshall Girls Basketball Association

Marshall Girls’ Basketball Association 2019-2020 Season

Mandatory Parent/Player Meeting and First Day of Practice

Our 2019-20 Season is upon us. We will be holding a mandatory parent and player meeting on November 11th at 6pm in the North Gym at Marshall High School. 4th-7th grade players will practice immediately after the meeting. 8th grade players can leave after the meeting. There will be a brief coaches meeting with 5th-8th grade coaches immediately following the parent/player meeting. Coaches bags, balls, practice jerseys and uniforms will be distributed to the coaches at this meeting. The tournament and practice schedule is posted to each individual team page. Please check this frequently for changes.

2019 Junior Basketball Registration (2nd-4th Grade Girls)

This program, associated with Marshall Girls Basketball Association (MGBA) and Marshall High School Girls Basketball, promotes fundamental skills and teamwork with game experience. Program begins Saturday, Oct. 5 and concludes October 28th. Practices are held on Saturday mornings (8:30–9:30am) and Monday evenings (6:15–7:30pm). Fee is $40. Registration forms and payments must be submitted at or prior to the Oct. 5th practice. See flyer below for details.

2019 Girls Junior Basketball  

2019-2020 MGBA Traveling Basketball (4th-8th Grade Girls)

MGBA Traveling Basketball try-out will be on Sunday, September 15th, 2019. All players interested in being on traveling basketball teams must attend the try-out date. Traveling league costs are $125 for 4th grade, $175 for 5th-7th grade, and 8th grade is TBD depending on the number of tournaments scheduled. Registration forms are below. See flyer for dates, times and locations.

2019-2020 MGBA Traveling Basketball
Parent/Player Contract

2019 MGBA Fall Tip-off Classic

New in 2020, the MGBA Fall Tip-off Classic is a one day limited entry tournament on November 23rd, 2019. All games will be played at the Marshall High School and there will be a three game gaurantee. The tournament is open to girls in 4th-7th grades. This tournament is free with entry into the 2020 MGBA Winter Tournament. See the flyer below for details.

2019 Fall Tip-off Classic Flyer  

2020 MGBA Winter Tournament

New in 2020, the MGBA Winter Tournament will span two days, February 15-16th, with all games played at the Marshall High School. All teams are guarenteed three games and will play on one day only. The tournament is open to girls in 4th-8th grades.

2020 Winter Tournament Flyer

Last updated: 11/5/2019